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Estrace Cream Price

Related post: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Dahomey, Nigeria, Gabon, Principe, Zaire, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Angola (see distribution map). 3. DESCRIPTION Tall, evergreen, aromatic tree or shrub 4.5-30(-45)m high, 20cm in diameter, bole straight, sometimes buttressed; bark grey, fairly smooth, slash reddish, brown and fibrous beneath; crown much branched, branches and branchlets with numerous whitish lenticels. Leaves alternate, simple, stipules absent; petiole 2 -9mm long, blade elliptic, ovate or oblanceolate, 6-1 7cm long, 3-6cm wide, apex obtuse to markedly acuminate, margins entire, coriaceous, dark green, glabrous above, very pale glaucous green, glabrescent below, midrib very broad at base, slightly impressed above; major lateral veins 8-12 Estrace 0.5 Mg pairs, very faint, arching and anastomosing at a distance from the margin. Inflorescence axillary with thick pedicels up to 1cm long; flowers solitary or in 3-5-f lowered clusters. Sepals 3. more or less united, ovate-triangular 3 -5mm long; petals 6, in 2 whorls, cream, greenish-white or yellow, outer petals linear, 2. 5- 5mm long, thick, gradually tapering to the apex, covered with rust-coloured hairs, inner petals shorter and narrower; stamens numerous, 1-1. 5mm long; carpels numerous, up to 40 or more; ovary cylindric, 1-1. 5mm long, ovules 6-8. Fruit a monocarp, cylindirical , up to 9cm long, reddish at first, eventually blackish; seeds 1-8, orange-red to black, cylindrical, vertical, 5- 7mm long, 2 -4mm in diameter, aril basal, papery, yellow, 2 -3mm long. In Nigeria recorded as flowering March to November, fruiting June to March. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES There is no information on modern medicinal use of extracts from this plant. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES A decoction of fruit of X. aethiopica, root bark of Strychnos inoqua , Gardenia tennifolia, Olax subscorpoidea, Uvaria chamae and Anonna senegalensis is drunk as a remedy for stomach-ache. Salt may be added for taste. - 242 - Open dried fruit without seeds is burnt, ground into powder and mixed with red palm oil as a treatment for coughs. A decoction of seven fruits of X- aethiopica, leaves of Alstonia boonei, and Wissadula amplissima is used to bathe children as an anticonvulsant . A decoction of stem bark of Newbouldia leaves and fruit of X. aethiopica is drunk as a remedy for ammenorrhoea . A soup of ground fruits of X. aethiopica, Piper guineense and leaves of Leptaspis cochleata is taken as a remedy Estrace 0.01 Cream for dizziness. The fruits are often used as condiment in the Yoruba native decoction (Agbo). According to Dalziel (1937), a fluid extract or a Estrace 1mg decoction of the fruit or bark, is useful in the treatment of bronchitis, and dysenteric conditions, and also as a medicine for biliousness. As a women's remedy it is taken to encourage fertility. A poultice of the leaves and fruit is appled as a cure for headache and neuralgia. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS v- Cost Of Estrace V The following chemical constituents have been reported: Alkaloids and tannins from the leaves (Odebiyi and Sofowora, 1978); essential oil, resins and glycosides from root, bark leaves and fruits (Puri and Talata, 1964), a diterpine acid, xylopic acid shown to be 15(- acetoxy-(-) kar-16-end-19-oic acid (Ekong and Ogan, 1968) essential oils such as X and B Estrace Cream Price pinenes, -3-carene, 0-cymene, X-phellandene , limonene and terpinolene, 8-cineole, bisabolene, linalool, terpinen-4-01 , & terpineol, cuminyl alcohol, and cuminic aldehyde, have also been reported. Oliver (1959) reported the extraction from the fruits the following essential oils:- resin, anonacein, reberoside and avocein. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION Local collection of fruit, bark and roots. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING Collected and marketed locally. 9. SILVICS Regenerates naturally from seed. 10. MAJOR DISEASES None described in literature available. 11. OTHER USES The wood is said to resist the attacks of white ants, and is often used for native house-posts (Foster, 1914; Dalziel, 1937). Pieces of bark are used for the side walls of huts in certain parts of Nigeria; the light, flexible wood recommend it for use as paddles, masts and spars of small boats as well as for bows. - 243 - The fruits, pulverised with Capsicum fruit peppers are mixed with kolanuts to prevent the ravages of the kola weevil (Dalziel, What Is Estrace Cream 1937). 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Dalziel, J.M. The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. London: (1937) Crown Agents. Ekong, D.E.U. and Ogan, A.U. Chemistry of the constituents of Xylopia aethiopica. (1968) The structure of xylopic acid, a new diterpine acid. Journal of the Chemical Society (C): 311. Foster, E.W. Estrace Cream Cost Annonaceae - Notes of Nigerian Trees and Plants. London: (1914) Biddle and Son. Odebiyi, 0.0. and Sofowora, E.A. Phytochemical screening of Nigerian medicinal (1978) plants, II. Lloydia 41,3: 234-246. Oliver, B. Medicinal Plants in Nigeria. Ibadan: Nigeria College of (1959) Arts, Science and Technology.
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